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May 15, 20181

One of the first pieces of kids camping gear you should get to protect the RV is a collection of waterproof pads. This will help keep furniture and mattresses from dirt, spills, and potty accidents. And, it works for dogs too!

Mattress Protectors

Wrapping each mattress with a waterproof protector is quite easy. While not always an easy fit with the oddball RV mattress sizes, you can usually round up in size an then tuck the extra underneath the mattress.

mattress pad for kids camping

The SafeRest hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector comes in different sizes, is both durable and economical, and is vinyl free. These protectors are great for both your regularly used beds and to have on hand for occasional beds, such as a convertible dinette or sleeper sofa. Regular campers might want to have extras on hand in case a nighttime accident occurs and laundry is not an option.

Crib Pads (for RV Furniture)

A flat crib pad works great for protecting other furniture, like dinette cushions, an upholstered bench seat, or a couch, from both water and dirt. For a quick clean, simply take outside and shake. Or, launder with your regular clothes for a full clean.

Works for Dogs Too!

These waterproof pads work great for keeping furniture clean from shedding and/or wet dogs too!

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  • Tim

    September 12, 2018 at 6:57 pm

    Great advice. We had the waterproof pads on our bunks, but not on the dinette cushions. Well, there was a little accident one night when a child was sleeping on the dinette….. The fabric used to cover the cushions from the factory doesn’t hold up well even when hand washed. We ended up having to buy a new cushion cover from Forestriver. The cover was less than $20, but the shipping and handling was ridiculous. I don’t remember the exact amount on the shipping, but it was in the $40 range.


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