Flying Kites

August 8, 20180

One of the easiest and cheapest activities we enjoy doing while camping on a windy day is flying a kite. Here are some quick and easy product ideas that pack easily while providing at least an hour of entertainment for the kids!

This huge rainbow kite is quick to launch, easy to see in the sky, and folds down nicely for storing in with our other camping gear.

larger, 60″ wide kite is another great option for adults or kids who want to fly something together.

There is a whole host of other kite options on Amazon, with many under $15.

One key tip – bring one for each child. Otherwise, you’ll have two kids arguing over who gets to fly one kite 🙂

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My dad took me camping as a kid at least monthly, from Cub Scouts through Eagle Scout. I realized the importance of camping with kids after taking ours at the age of 3 years and 18 months and hearing them talk for weeks about building campfires, going potty in the woods, and roasting marshmallows. 5 years and 100 camping nights later and our kids have learned to help set up the campsite, navigate a topographical map with a compass, and so much more . For our kids, camping is about more than staying the night in the wilderness but also teaches them valuable life skills, respect for nature, and mechanical know-how.

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