Getting Kids to Sleep In

June 8, 20181

With the right strategy, your kids can go from waking up at sunrise during a camping trip to sleeping in well past their usual time while mom and dad sleep in too! Here’s a couple of tips and tricks.

Separate beds help prevent one child from waking up the other. A simple dark sheet or blanket hanging between each kid is a simple but effective way to create some separation when sharing a single mattress. For tent camping, this can be tougher to facilitate, but many tents have hooks meant for clotheslines that can also be used for this goal when combined with a thin rope.

Keeping the sunlight out of your child’s sleeping area is another great strategy for helping them sleep. If you have a popup camper, inserting Reflectix between the bug screen and side canvas tent material will dramatically cut down on light transmission (while also providing temperature insulation benefits). Popup Gizmos on the top canvas also helps. If your hard sided RV has a window near the kid’s bed, this same Reflectix material can simply be taped on the glass at night while being easy to remove when not desired.

Keep Them Comfortable

Kids who are uncomfortable will wake up throughout the night and early for the day. Proper sleeping attire is key to avoiding this problem, including a good sleeping bag, pajamas, and a beanie cap for head warmth during cold weather camping.

Keep Them Quiet

While camping is generally recommended to be a no screentime trip, offering a TV show or movie to a kid who has woken up can keep them quiet and prevent other kids from waking up. It can also provide parents with a little bit of peaceful sleep in time. Over the ear headphones are best for keeping the audio from others.

Books also work great for quietly entertaining kids in the morning.

Block the Noise

For those situations where the kids are up and you don’t want to be (yet), these earplugs provide 32 decibels of noise reduction.

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