August 8, 20180

One of the easiest and cheapest activities we enjoy doing while camping on a windy day is flying a kite. Here are some quick and easy product ideas that pack easily while providing at least an hour of entertainment for the kids!


August 8, 20180

From a better bedtime routine to easy entertainment during a rainstorm to a relaxing read on the hammock – books are one of our go-to entertainment options for the kids while camping. Here are some favorite book recommendations and a simple way of storing at camp.


August 5, 20180

One of the best parts we love about our RV is the comfort found during inclement weather at the campsite. Since all kids get bored quickly, we keep a stash of board games and other toys inside for entertaining when mother nature pushes us inside. Here are some of our favorites.


August 1, 20182

I’ll never forget our first camping trip with the kids. My wife and I were quite comfortable in our usual outdoor gear, including fleece layers, water resistant pants, wool socks with hiking boots, and a raincoat. And while our kids were probably better dressed for the conditions than most their age (18 months and 3 years old), they did still get cold and wet due to their limited wardrobe. We’ve since learned what camping clothing works best for kids at a reasonable price and have shared those recommendations below, including a few creative ways to use the clothes beyond camping.


July 22, 20180

One of our favorite activities to do while camping is stand up paddleboarding. With inflatable SUPs becoming more popular and versatile, it’s easier than ever to bring a boat along. Here are some tips on the types of paddleboards available, must have accessories, and boating safety.


July 5, 20180

Our kids love camping with their dog! Our dog loves it too, with an opportunity to get out of the house for nearly unlimited smells while tagging along on some fun activities. Here are some tips for what we’ve learned to bring along for the dog to better enjoy the ride to the campground, camping itself, and activities like hiking and boating.


May 5, 20180

One of the things I enjoy most about camping is spending quality time with the kids while also teaching them more about outdoor activities and the various mechanical tasks required for camping away from civilization. My son and I just got back from a boys camping and biking trip where we had a perfect opportunity to focus on both.


April 30, 20130

One week after picking up our new popup camper, I talked (or maybe tricked) my wife into boondocking for our first trip. The full story on our maiden voyage is below, including the many benefits of a popup camper for camping with the kids.


September 28, 20122

Our first family camping trip was when our son was 3, our daughter only 18-months old. With them, our dog, and a borrowed tent we would soon learn was missing a few parts – we headed for the forest! More about that first overnight camping trip below, including why the whole family now loves camping despite a few hitches on the inaugural trip.