About Kids Camping 101


Kids Camping 101 started as a project for our kids to express their passion for camping and to help other kids who also love to camp or are excited to try it for the first time. Each article is written from first-hand experience. All product reviews are made based on items we purchased ourselves and enjoy using so much that we now recommend to others.

This project also provides a great opportunity for the kids to improve on their writing skills while also learning about graphics design, web development, and affiliate marketing techniques.


CHLOE (7-Years Old)

I’m Chloe. My first camping trip was at 18 months. It didn’t go so well, but less than a year later we had a much better trip where I slept in until 9am each morning. My parents were hooked on camping after that! I love camping next to sandy beaches on lakes or rivers. I always look out for animals and keep a log of what I saw and where.

ETHAN (9-Years Old)

My name is Ethan. I started camping when I was 3 years old and had logged 100 nights by my 9th birthday. My favorite places to camp are next to lakes or streams where I can catch a big fish! My favorite camp setup activity is lowering the stabilizer jacks on our RV with a cordless drill. I also like using a map to find the best places to camp, hike, bike, and fish.

SCOTT (Ethan & Chloe’s Dad)

My dad spent a fortune on camping equipment when I was a kid. I didn’t understand why until I took our kids camping for the first time and overheard them tell their friends that next week how to build a campfire. As an Eagle Scout, I want to instill the same values of always being prepared and enjoying the outdoors in a responsible manner to my kids.

SHELLEY (Ethan & Chloe’s Mom)

I’m Shelley.


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When you click on a link and purchase one of the products that we use and recommend, a very small percentage of that purchase is paid back to us as a commission. This does not increase the price you pay for the product but helps pay for the hosting costs of this website. The small amount of money that is left over each month goes to our kids to teach them the business model of adventure blogging and affiliate marketing. It’s like a 21st-century lemonade stand…and the kids use that revenue to buy new camping supplies or help pay for the expenses of our next camping trip.