100 Nights of Camping as a Family

July 30, 20180

One hundred nights of camping as a family across six different states in five years, many of which we enjoyed with friends and family. Each of the kids shares their favorite camping memories in this special retrospective post.

A 9-Year Old’s Perspective, from Ethan

My favorite thing to do while camping is to go fishing. I have my own tackle box and fishing bag. At our favorite lake in Colorado, I’m usually the only one to catch a fish.

When we are in the camper, I love to play board games. We have a whole box of them, like UnoSorry, Chutes & Ladders, Bananagrams, and Farkle. My favorite camper game is Chess because I can sometimes beat my mom and dad.

We get to eat junk food when camping. My dad says it’s the only time he gets to eat chips. It’s the only time I get to drink straight out of the orange juice bottle.

I like to bring my camera for photos. For my birthday last year, I got a $100 iPhone from Wal-Mart that doesn’t cost money each month but has WiFi and GPS so that I can track waypoints on an app called GaiaGPS.

A 7-Year Old’s Perspective, from Chloe

My favorite thing about camping is bringing our dog Maverick along. He likes to smell around the campground and eat all the yummy food we drop. He also likes eating the grass.

When we go camping, I get to see new kinds of flowers that we don’t have at home.

I like it when we camp by a creek so that I can play in the water and use my sand toys.

Sometimes my brother and I get to build the campfire ourselves.  My brother likes to build it as a log cabin, but I think making it like a tee pee is better.

Sometimes I get to bring friends camping with us.

Mom & Dad’s Perspective

One hundred Nights! It all started with that first sleepless night in a tent followed by our purchase of a popup and later a 25′ hard sided trailer. We’ve camped with friends and family members. We’ve camped in some extremely remote locations and a few developed campgrounds. We’ve camped for as little as one overnight and as long as eight nights.

We’ve learned a lot these past hundred nights, including the best camping gear for kids, some really fun activities to do while camping, and even how to get by when there isn’t a hospital nearby. The kids have had some amazing experiences that you simply can’t get while sleeping at home or in a hotel.

We hope you enjoy our sharing of those learnings and adventures on KidsCamping101.com. Our goal is to inspire more families to camp together.



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